Worlds is some crazy shit

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Worlds is some crazy shit

Post  Ablationer on June 12th 2012, 1:11 am

Conversation with Adjustable

Me : XinE
Him : Adjustable

Him : I miss the sunny days of my youth.
Me : You used to play this a while ago?
Him : I used to run it. It's a long story.
Me : Consider me intrigued.
Him : This place is so empty.
Him : Cold.
Me : Yeah, The're Was A Expidition earlier, Thats what bought me here, Everyone left, i explored
Him : Expidition?
Me : An Expedition to exploring this place to see what they can find, they got monopool to give them a tour then left, I Stayed, explored.
Him : I don't know what you're talking about.
Me : Right then,
Me : what do you mean you used to run this game
Him : Ever seen the world through a mirror, XinE?
Me : ??
Him : Dimensions upon dimensions.
Me : can't say I have, but i have a feeling your going to blow my mind.
Him : What do you see?
Me : a reflection
Him : Try again.
Me : the world through a mirror, our dimension in that dimension?
Me : what am i meant to see?
Him : This wall is the answer to everything.

He then countinued to tell me every pixel of that reflection was important and placed for a reason. I stared at that wall for ten minutes, he left without me noticing. So I kept Staring.
Didn't see anything.
So I Asked Nexie What it was about, he just said yes three times, and then "You Have To Go INSIDE"

None of the regulars have heard of him
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Re: Worlds is some crazy shit

Post  Casdin on June 12th 2012, 2:35 am

My head hurts after reading this....

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