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Post  Dongs on December 27th 2014, 11:47 am

Okay I came on to see Habib changing his nametags, I wasn't sure if he donated, has the ability to change them mid game or was using a script.



11:19 Dongs (STEAM_0:1:40191705 last seen Dec 20) has joined the game. (4/26)
11:20 [Resp] [All] Joseph Habib: I tried 10 times to get a damn experienced mod on my ak
11:20 [Adminge] [All] Joseph Habib: it did not work
11:20 [Resp] [All] Dongs: WHAT
11:20 [Resp] [All] Dongs: HABIB IS RESP
11:20 [Resp] [All] Dongs: o
11:20 [Resp] [All] Dongs: wat
11:20 [Adminge] [All] Joseph Habib: No
11:20 [Adminge] [All] Joseph Habib: I am an adminge
11:21 [Adminge] [All] Joseph Habib: I aint tryin to earn respected im just trying to get introuble

This is all said and done without Jebus doing anything.
Pyron and I thought it would be a good idea to post this just in case.


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Habib's Nametag Empty Re: Habib's Nametag

Post  TheJackamj on December 27th 2014, 1:21 pm

Why are we so fucking lenient with him. He's trying to fucking provoke us and this is great proof of it. Thanks you Dongs.

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Habib's Nametag Empty Re: Habib's Nametag

Post  Ablationer on December 27th 2014, 6:02 pm

You retards need to chill the fuck down.

This is a common chat glitch where people join and get a chat tag of the person that joined. For example, everyone that talks immediately after I join will have the tag Owner next to their name in chat. Here you can see Dongs just joined as Habib said something, and because Dongs is respected, it gave habib that rank.

Habib has this chat tag because he donated 10$ for it. No reason to freak out here.

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Habib's Nametag Empty Re: Habib's Nametag

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