Server Greeting for dummies (Server Greeters)

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Server Greeting for dummies (Server Greeters)

Post  BULL on July 13th 2014, 2:06 am

There's nothing going against our ever so fantastic greeters but I think we should have general layout or list of what to inform the new person about. While reading or checking stuff in the motd at civi spawn I overhear greeters greeting obviously. In this case I notice different greeters greet differently and most of the time I don't hear them teach the new guy about everything such as not going over what the cap point initials are and why they're on the hud and so on. Oh and by the way if you're a greeter and you read this take this note. IF YOU SAY IT'S OPTIONAL TELL THEM THE GREETING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND IF DENIED THEY ARE SUBJECTED TO PUNISHMENT AS ANY OTHER REGUALR PLAYER.

Here's a general "check list" I use in my mind...

1. BP= What is it? Points accumulated from game time, and kills while in combat that unlock new and more unigue jobs.
2. Capture point initials= The letters in the top left of the screen symbolizing the points themselves, captured by who and so on as well as what each color means.
3. Inventory= How to use it and I mean really use it. How to go in, get out, put items in and take items out. Including the wrench tool.(What does it do?)-Scrap weapons for metal scrap the higher qualtiy weapon the higher chance for more scrap.
4. Gems= What each one is used for (Basic overview on what it's capable of doing) Offer the option to teach how to weapon craft once the general tutorial is done.
5. Factions (Teams) = What each faction is, what it can kill, what it can do, etc. Inform them about Every faction not just cops, crims, and zombies. Exapmle, The skaarj, hellknight, etc.
6. Picking a class and playing= Let them know which class they can play as and how to use one properly. Example, Special skill? How to use it, how to change a special skill even though there is a pop up when you die, etc.
7. Chat= Teach the new player how to talk in OOC and to message staff by using @ [u]EVEN[u] if they claim they know how to do so already.
8. After the general greeting don't forget to mention the offer of how to craft a gun with gems. If they deny it be nice and say alright then enjoy your time and have fun.

P.S-Be serious and don't fuck around guys. You have this job for a reason and say you want to help, so help by greeting properly.

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