Terrorist Leader

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Terrorist Leader

Post  Casdin on July 2nd 2012, 10:29 pm

The Terrorists have a class like the Police in some areas.
But these classes are useless when it comes to raided the PD or in firefights: Gangster, Thief, Mobboss
So since the only real combat classes are Smuggler, Terrorist, Terrorist Sniper, and Big Cheese.
Why not add a Leader for the Terrorists? Since Police have Police Chief who spawns with the most health besides Armored and gets good gear.
a model for this class i think would be the Replica Elite or https://redcdn.net/ihimg/photo/my-images/12/002zs.jpg/sr=1
Since i know it comes with the pack that Bob used for the Big cheese's model.
for Weapons i was just thinking: Either Incendiary like the Chief or 3 Frag grenades,
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This was just a thought i had all day so.


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Re: Terrorist Leader

Post  Ablationer on July 3rd 2012, 10:07 am

I've always said I'm not a huge fan of making 1:1 classes for terrorists and cops, because then it loses its tactical interest if each class is the exact same copy-paste of the other team's class.

But I dunno, I'll have to see. Mobboss is pretty much useless anyway so I might recycle him for something like that, and use a different skin, not that skin you linked though because it looks too much like the Cheese and, much like the AU that's all white with a big red eye, it needs to clearly stand out amongst the chaos of a team deathmatch, but I'll see
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