MOTD: What you should know.

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MOTD: What you should know.

Post  Ablationer on May 28th 2012, 3:03 am

Where DarkRP meets Team Deathmatch
Welcome to the server. This MOTD will give you a quick overview of the things you should know. It can also be found directly on our forum.
Bob's TDMRP forum

Most of the rules are the same as you'd find in any other server, but with a few exceptions. For example, the fact that there is no New Life Rule (NLR) to respect on this server.

  1. No prop blocking, pushing, climbing, etc.
    The only thing that's allowed is prop surf as long as you aren't doing this as a combat class i.e. Cop, Crim, Zombie.
    Skybases count as propsurfing. If you make a base, the floor has to be the actual map itself.

    A. Also you can't put a door, even with a keypad, on a public access area. This includes the PD and other places everybody goes through. You need to own the actual door to that place, before putting a fading door somewhere. (AKA no putting fading doors in an alleyway, or otherwise passage that needs to be accessible at all times, or in someone else's place)

  2. No RDM (Random DeathMatch) except for Criminals VS Cops VS Zombies.
    A. You're not allowed to kill other players for no reason (real reasons, no bullshit like "He looked at me wrong." or such.)
    The only exception is for criminals against cops. They're allowed to kill each other but not their fellow criminals/cops. (No team-killing)
    If you're a cop-related class and get killed by a criminal for seemingly no reason, this is allowed, and same goes for the other way around.
    However, RDMing civilians and other neutral classes is NOT allowed.

    B Zombies are killed by Cops, Crims, Zombie Hunters, Skaarj, and Hellknight. If a Neutral class attacks a zombie, that (and other zombies) are allowed to defend themselves and attack that neutral. However, zombies cannot kill Neutrals besides said classes first.

    C. No rogues allowed. Undercover cops, false cops, or criminals, whatever you call it, don't do that. You must respect the alliance of the job you take.

  3. No NLR
    There is no New Life Rule on this server. This means that people do not pretend to forget they got killed. If the player remembers it, he remembers it, and that's that.
    If you want to kill someone, be aware that they'll most likely be pissed at you and try to kill you back. So don't complain about it if you failed to hide or protect yourself if they manage to succeed.

  4. Building
    A. If you want to build somewhere, you have to make it accessible at all times with a fading door, and a keypad or a button. No blackout, crouch, or impossible to reach bases. No invisible, one-way, no collided or otherwise unnatural props are allowed (unless it's purely for aesthetics). You are not allowed to build in areas you do not own, unless it doesn't block the way. No building in the PD as a terrorist. And no BLOCKING in the PD as a cop, even with a keypad. Cops are only allowed to build minor barricades that you can jump over. Except for the Mayor's office and the sniper tower room, or other dead-end rooms that don't lead anywhere. Same for criminals with their own spawn area.

    B. Really fucking far keypads are NOT allowed. Only ONE keypad must be placed next to the fading door (no fake keypad shit) and it must be within direct eyesight of the fading door. In short, if you're in front of the door, You should be able to see the keypad and be able to use it, while standing next to the door. The fading door must also be a toggle and not time-based. And you must not use your keyboard to close it when someone is cracking it.

    C. Only ONE fading door with a keypad per room in any given building. As in, no putting 3-4 fading doors in a row just to make it take forever to reach inside your place. Only one fading door per room, or per doorway. As in, one for the front door, then maybe one for your storage room or something, but that's it.

  5. No spawn camping, blocking, etc.
    If you see a player spawn somewhere, please understand that this is a public area and therefore cannot be part of your own personal base. You cannot hold players where they spawn, or otherwise block them or camp them.

  6. Criminals can raid, but keep it clean.
    If you're a criminal you can raid bankers and vendors for their supplies. However you may not kill them. If they hire a guard to protect their stash, you may kill those, but so can they.
    Printers in their own right are not illegal. Meaning cops don't have to shoot printers simply for, well, being printers.
    Criminals can't steal from fellow criminals.
    Criminals can't raid the same base multiple times. (at least a good 10 minutes minimum between raids)
    Criminals can't break or blow up stuff just for the hell of it or if they can't take the loot out with them for whatever reason.
    Bankers and vendors can't destroy their own supplies to keep criminals from stealing them.
    Those who get raided can raid back in order to get their stuff back, provided their name is on the thing they're trying to earn back. (Disconnected doesn't count, it's free game) The 10 minutes timer also applies to counter-raids as well.

  7. Stay away from the top of the map
    What this means is if you're at a place where you can see through the floor, you shouldn't be there and should move.

  8. Do not abuse the Badass Fists!
    This means if you're a Titan, Sweeper, or Berserker, you should only ever use the fists for combat-related purposes. Breaking into an actual enemy base (not just because it belongs to a guy you don't like.)

  9. No mic spamming (Or any general spam for that matter)
    If you are under 13, it'd be greatly appreciated if you double-checked your microphone volume to make sure it's not too loud. You might not have hit puberty yet, but that doesn't mean everyone else should suffer from it.
    The only exception as far as music goes is if you want to pick a corner and play some music for people. If you do this you must stay in one spot, you may not go a combat class and play music while running around shooting people.

  10. Don't disrespect other players.
    Staff most of all (but not only them, everyone else too). They are here to keep the server in check and help. If you have any trouble with one of our staff, please make a complaint on the forums with valid proof/evidence i.e. Screenshots/video. Don't count on witnesses for proof.

  11. Any type of hacks/scripts/bots are never allowed.
    If you are caught cheating in any shape or form you will be permabanned without warning or appeal. Reasonable suspicion may be applied as well, so don't try to weasel your way out of it by using the "You don't have any proof" argument. If the majority of the staff present at the time believe you are cheating or hacking, you will be judged as such.

  12. Don't make scam trades in the gem market
    No tricking people into buying your offer that makes you get way more than it's worth. Profit is fine but never something like; $1 offered for the price of $100k.

  13. Don't be an ass or a minge.
    Seriously, come on now.
    (That includes spamming bugbait and climb swep punching)

  14. No Skybases' for Combat Classes anywhere, that means no illegal spot buildings or floating fortresses around the map.

  15. Last but not least: Have fun!


We Have different types of jobs, even some that comes with symbols to verify what they are,

"+" Is a Cop sign verified with a Blue Job Name, they have the Counter-Terrorist and Combine Skins.

"~" Is the Criminal sign verified with a Orange Job name, they have the Terrorist, F.E.A.R 2 Armchan Skins.

"Z-" Is the Zombie sign verified with a Red Job name, they are usually the Zombies in HL-2 and the Antlion's in Red.

Any Player can attack Zombies "Z-" but beware you could get killed from them.

Only attack Cops "+" if you're a Criminal "~" and vice-versa if you're a Cop.

Perks and Circulators can be seen when you have died or changing jobs, it'll show the Perk list on top of your bottom left GUI with Perk 1-9, Perks can be change by typing !perk #.

Circulators are also shown at the bottom left gui but at the right of where your BP is located with 7 circulators to pick by typing !circulator #.

All Perks and Circulators give different benefits upon choosing the ones you selected.
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