Blazing Banana and Razzy

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Blazing Banana and Razzy

Post  JexTheSergal on March 7th 2015, 9:08 pm

Screenshot backstory:

The issue took place as of the day of this posting, on the server.

I had joined and me, Razzy, and Flare were chilling listening to music with Navi. Everything was fine up until the point that Balazing Banana joined the server. Earlier I had said I didn't like rap when Razzy asked me to play a song from Navi, seeing as he was banned from use of "play". This is important as when Banana got on, Razzy told him I didn't like rap. While normally a trivial and trite comment, Banana decided to instead slay me, then kick me out of my own base. Upon returning, Banana prop pushed me then glitched me inside of a fence where I could not move. I suicided to get out.

Afterwards I returned to the base, and sat in a corner listening to music. The user named flare preceded to say #JexForFaggot2014 in global. I normally dont mid being called a faggot, when it isn't in a non-malicious manner. However this time I took offense. I told him that I was indeed "gay" and that I found his rude manner offensive. Razzy and Banana preceded to mock me in a malicious manner, saying (and I quote) "Hahaha, he IS a faggot!" with both Banana and Razz laughing. In frustration as to how I was being treated, not only removed from my own base, phsygun abused, and now being mocked for my orientation, I left the server.

When I came back on after cooling off, I asked for an apology. Razzy continued to mock me,  and other players on the server. Blazing did nothing to stop this until the latter part of it. When he did do something, he banned Razz for 30 mins, only to unban him but 3-5 mins later. Razzy came back, only to keep shit talking without punishment. He then joined Blazing on the bridge to the hotel, and preceded to shit talk me and mercy behind our backs. I will now list some quotes. "I don't know why this server has the "Gaaaay" quote, but I can't make fun of faggots." "These faggots need to read the bible and shut the fuck up." "These people get upset over one line on the internet." I have video proof of this and more that I will provide if necessary.

I will now post the screenshots:

Blazing slays me.

I ask for apology.

Razzy mocks me further.

Further homophobic remarks.

More trolling.

Flare and Razzy further remarks.

Razz telling Mercy to leave and not came back.

Razz saying his trolling isn't funny until someone suicides.

Razzy making misogynistic remarks towards Mercy.

Self explanatory.

Blazing has also promoted Flare to "Respected" and this is not a fitting rank for his attitude, as he joined in with Razzy in his flaming.

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Re: Blazing Banana and Razzy

Post  RoboReptile on March 7th 2015, 11:19 pm

Don't use this forum.

Instead I made your complaint on the new one for you,

Use this forum instead.

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