Hour Requirements for Ranks

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Hour Requirements for Ranks

Post  Daisuke on December 10th 2014, 11:47 pm

Since we never had this put up, and I remember Pyron bringing this up one time before i'ma list them,

For ranks Operator and up, they have to be also mentioned during the Meetings and voted depending on the supports they have.

Also for returnees' of the server, if you have been inactive for over 1 month, you have to wait awhile before re-applying so it shows that you will be dedicated once again and able to do your job, so study, study, STUDY those rules.

(That does not mean you randomly come on for a day for like 5-10 minutes and disappear for like weeks just so you could keep your rank, we will track your days active, and for how long.)

Non-staff ranks

Shithead on the Watchlist/asshole: Should I even type about these two ranks where all the dumbasses go?

Respected: Trusted by the Staff, a rank for retired staff, or trusted and given by Bob or the Superadmins' if deemed worthy of the "majestic" title.

Gun Tester: Some unknown shit that one guy has, unobtainable. (except Karson because he spends like 2 hours testing DPS and accuracy and how much likelyhood to kill a specific class for a given angle and distance and shit)

Staff Ranks

Server Greeter: Requires 50+ hours, taking the server greeter test from an administrator an up. (You need to pass the test, if you fail, you have to wait for a week.)

Operator: 150-200+ hours, making an application on the forums and gaining overall more +supports than -supports.

Administrator: 500+ hours/ or trusted enough from admins, superadmins, and/or the owner (since he doesn't really care he just promotes people randomly without talking to us), having overall +supports on the application.

Superadmin: Devoted your damn life on this server, trusted by everyone, (#Nolife), and only promoted from Bob himself.

Server Owner: No.


Any opinions about it? Go ahead and post in this thread!

Also, no fucking stupid posts, I see those on almost every serious thread, any off-topic posts will be deleted.



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Re: Hour Requirements for Ranks

Post  Ablationer on December 11th 2014, 3:02 am

sounds good

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Re: Hour Requirements for Ranks

Post  Pyron on December 11th 2014, 8:08 am

I think hourly pre requirements are necessary, however it doesn't mean applicants AUTOMATICALLY get the job. They should be approved by staff only or trusted respected should give support on apps, not random regulars or people we havn't seen in over 6 months just popping in who've +supported just because they were asked on steam to. Another thing, it should be the person receives support, not goes around on their friends list asking every person from bob's to +support. There also should be a major limit to apps per time, like if you've applied for operator 2-3 times within 2 months and still havn't earned it you should have to wait at least 4-6 months so you can actually develop more and not bullshit another 2 weeks in waiting. In addition to the hourly thing, keep in mind the hours spent before promoting to a higher rank should be spent doing the job before because if you just idle on the server daily for the sake of hours only it just shows you're taking cheap shortcuts to get ahead. I also understand right now there is kind of a rift in a way with how we handle rule breaks on anyone because the threat of retaliation of hackers, but we still don't want to be soft to the point where they control us by manipulating being slapped on the wrist. remember the old rules like 3 strikes, warning, kick, ban you're out at bob's. Staff personnel should take note of all offenders and let other staff know incase the offender is at it again when the staff who issued a "strike" before like a kick or warning is not on. I believe shitheads on watchlist should have at least 6-12 months before being considered for staff at all. SG's need to be demoted if all they do is dick around in circles when 4 new people are on not knowing what to do while an SG is busy in combat or just jumping up and down around the map. Operators, admins, and SA's should take initiative if no greeters are on and there's new players because you greeted to get where you are now, don't think you should be off the hook after SG; plus it looks nice giving you a good reputation and it's the right thing to do.

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Re: Hour Requirements for Ranks

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