Lazy Llama operator application

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Lazy Llama operator application

Post  Lazy Llama on November 19th 2014, 11:33 pm

Position Requested: Operator

First Name: Kevin

Your Age: 18

Im on server before bp, saphire and emerald was created. I stopped Gmod for a while until i came back 3-4 month ago. I have 517 hours

Why do you think you qualify?  I think im qualify for Operator because I encounter many problems during my journey on Bob's and couldn't do anything. I saw player RDM other, people who steal as neutral, guard playing like if they were cops/crim and lot of stuff like that without the player being punish because mayhem and chaos or not enough staff online. I have over 100 hours as server greeter and I never disagree to greet a new face on bob's. im active all day long and play around 5 hour a day on the server. I'll never punish soemone for no reason, I will alway listen to both version of the story in a private place to not spam the [All] chat and handle the situation as it should be deal. No verbal attack, RDM, disrespect and going agains't the rule. I saw and did enough thing to know what good and what is not. I have a bit of thing to learn but nothign essential. Im ready to spend my entire life on the server to make it more enjoyable to play on and keep minge away.

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:42833349
Additional info: I used to play on a few server were I was admin. From private server of a friend to a little rp server, I was doing the right job and neevr abuse of my power. A last thing is I have a microphone but cannot use it because my poor english speaking. I'll do my best if microphone is required but I sound like Bob but 100 worst.

Lazy Llama

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Re: Lazy Llama operator application

Post  Walkthroughmaster33 on November 20th 2014, 1:00 pm

Ok let me start with this, you just got back you so as applies with everyone else you need time. I'm sorry if some of my anger is transferred over to this response, its due to me still not sorta being 100% in control of my emotions yet, so if it comes through I apologies and no its not aimed at you, just in general.

I'm just going to make a list of these things:

  1. You didn't even get the rank Jessie did thus you need to be retested before you can even keep the rank.
  2. You haven't greeted anyone since you came back I'm pretty sure.
  3. You probably need greeting yourself.
  4. Also like we always say give proof of these servers that you had ranks on, anyone can say "I WAS SUPERADMUN ON 23893478934932 SERVERS! NOW GIVE ME ADMUN"
  5. I feel like your 'why you qualify' section is a little lacking, your just describing what a staff member is supposed to do.
  6. "I have over 100 hours as server greeter and I never disagree to greet a new face on bob's." Bullshit, I'm pretty sure you never had a rank on this server.

and for fucks sake man Jessie died Monday you're posting this on Thursday I mean at least give it a full week.

PS. For anyone else planning on posting on this app note that anything that Lazy Lama did to revive your support or not was done by Jessie, Kevin was here as of Monday 17th November, just keep that in mind.

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Re: Lazy Llama operator application

Post  Daisuke on November 20th 2014, 2:59 pm

Right now, You have to be re-tested since you didn't earn the rank on this account, someone else did. I'm sorry but, you have to wait a week till you re-test for Server Greeter so you can be prepared. Then you have to earn the time to make an app for Operator, so for now im closing this app.

Your Server Greeter rank is temporarily revoked till you re-take the test to verify you can actually greet players properly.



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Re: Lazy Llama operator application

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