Nerf = rekt, server = kill.

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Nerf = rekt, server = kill. Empty Nerf = rekt, server = kill.

Post  Razzy on November 12th 2014, 4:35 pm

This nerfing thing rekt everything, you were afraid of losing the server, guess you did the right thing putting it out of it's misery, ugh guess it's also good to get my brother from behind that computerscreen, he will be sad seeing that the server is kill though, I am leaving in a week if this is not over by then, so for the last tiem, Bob y u do dis?
also a huge fuck you to the little newfags with >50hrs if of server time that brainwashed Bob into this act of suicide, already bought smokes with the paypal money, this is some gay shit son, fucking bullshit, the council of moneyz is now dismissed, everyone is on their own now, please don't feel obligated to donate because of what I said, that server does not excist anymore, same for the community, as i am typing this a little kid is screaming to my why he "can't use his death shrine" as a gun dealer, this is a phenonamon on the internet, kids take over shit and ruin it all, the internet is getting younger and younger as we speak, fucking bob, thought of you as a different kind of guy, have fun losing all you worked for and wasted money on (guess it's a waste if it ends like this), am out peace fgts.


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